Who we are


Our team is driven by objective in every aspect of production, right from the ideation, to scripting, pre-production to final editing. 

We have the finest talent to create your productions: Highly skilled, to bright young graduates.

Manoj Raj Pandey

Managing Director

Mukti Prasad Shrestha

Chief Visual Editor (Manager)

Sudepta Adhikari

Producer (Officer)

Kishor Lama

Sound Designer

Sabun Dhital

Assistant Manager- Digital Marketing

Sujata Awale

Partnership Manager

Bhakta Thapa Magar

Art Manager

Madhukar Balami

Motion Graphic Designer & Animator

Rabin BK

Sr. Visual Editor & Colorist

Ritu Goyal

HR and Operations Manager

Mitali Oli

Branding and Marketting Consultant

Gamvirta Devkota

Finance & Project Manager