WWF - Women of Dolpo

This marked our fourth collaboration with WWF, and we were tasked with producing a captivating documentary video in an interview format, spanning approximately six minutes. Our objective was to highlight the remarkable women of Dolpa, delving into their unique narratives and perspectives on critical issues such as climate change, pollution, and livelihoods.

Approaching this project through a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) lens, we enlisted the expertise of our dedicated GESI specialist. Their guidance ensured that our storytelling captured the nuanced experiences and challenges faced by these women.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a compelling video production, which was digitally streamed on the momentous occasion of International Women's Day. By showcasing the voices and stories of the Dolpa community women, we aimed to raise awareness and inspire meaningful action towards fostering positive change in our environment and society.

Friday, 14 July 2023