Samana: A Mental Health Campaign

In the wake of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of mental health skyrocketed, with the World Health Organization even predicting that Mental Health Problems would emerge as the next widespread epidemic. Recognizing the urgent need for awareness, our collaboration with Dekhapadhi, our sister company, led us to embark on a campaign addressing mental health.

Navigating the vast landscape of mental health, we made a deliberate decision to shed light on a topic that had been tragically overlooked in media platforms – Postpartum Depression. Placing postpartum depression at the core of our campaign, we embarked on a journey that involved interviewing new mothers and public figures who had experienced short-term depression after childbirth.

The impact of our campaign was nothing short of remarkable, as it garnered a staggering 10 million views on Facebook alone. However, what truly set this campaign apart was the conversations it ignited. People earnestly engaged with the topic, and new mothers bravely opened up about their insecurities, allowing us to gain valuable insights into society's perception of mental health among this vulnerable demographic.

Through this campaign, we shattered the silence surrounding postpartum depression, raising awareness and fostering dialogue that was desperately needed. It was a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact it can have on transforming societal attitudes towards mental health.

Sunday, 16 July 2023