Ncell - My Internet, My Cyber Security

In an era dominated by social media, AI, and digital experiences, we embarked on an initiative to create an original digital video campaign focusing on internet safety. Collaborating with Ncell, we presented the series "My Internet, My Cyber Security." With Ncell's invaluable support and guidance, we curated a dynamic studio-based show, hosted by Ms. Sugarika KC.

Throughout the series, we delved into a diverse range of vital topics, ensuring that we covered all aspects of online safety. From addressing the impact of excessive screen time on children to guiding parents in navigating the intricacies of raising their kids in a technology-driven world, we left no stone unturned. Furthermore, we shed light on the alarming rise of Cybercrime, equipping viewers with actionable steps to take if they fell victim to such incidents. Our exploration extended to data protection, privacy, and the optimal utilization of social media platforms.

Each episode seamlessly blended elements of storytelling, informative reports, insightful bytes, and engaging interviews. We carefully struck the perfect balance between entertainment and information, creating an experience that captivated and educated audiences in equal measure.


Sunday, 16 July 2023