In response to the aspirations of Neek, a transformer company, we embarked to create a comprehensive company profile that would encapsulate its history, challenges, risks, opportunities, failures, and successes of the company. Through numerous meetings with Neek’ team, we collectively decided on the theme "Neek: Transforming Nepal," highlighting the company's significant contributions to the Nepali economy and, most importantly, its role in illuminating a brighter future for Nepal.

To authentically capture the essence of the company, our crew members immersed themselves in the working process of the Neek factory. Through insightful interviews with employees, we aimed to convey the passion and dedication that fuels the company's operations.

To breathe life into historical milestones, we transformed old pictures into captivating cinema graphs, infusing them with movement and vitality.

Adopting a documentary film style, we crafted the entire video with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the story of Neek was brought to life with the power and gravitas it truly deserves.

Sunday, 16 July 2023