13th South Asian Games - 2019 Introduction Video

In 2019, Nepal had the privilege of hosting the 13th South Asian Games for the third time. We had an honor of creating the grand opening video for this prestigious event.

For the opening video, we conceptualized a storyline featuring a dove as the symbolic mascot. The narrative began with the dove taking flight from Nepal, embarking on a journey through the participating countries. Along its graceful flight path, the dove symbolically spread its wings, embodying the spirit of unity and collaboration among the nations. The journey led up to Dashrath Rangasala, the iconic venue of the South Asian Games in Nepal.

To further enhance the visual experience, we captured the stunning landscapes and cultural splendors of each participating country. These breathtaking shots not only celebrated the natural beauty of the region but also showcased the diverse tapestry of South Asian culture.

Accompanying the visuals, we carefully selected a beautiful Nepali tune that evoked a sense of pride, harmony, and excitement. The melodic soundtrack heightened the emotional impact of the video, immersing viewers in the spirit of the South Asian Games.

SAG: Nepal
SAG: Nepal
Sunday, 16 July 2023