Nepal Banker’s Association: Kholau Bank Khata

When the Nepal Banker's Association assigned us with the task of creating a video for a financial literacy song composed by the former deputy governor, we aimed to go beyond the conventional approach. We wanted to break free from the usual formula of an actor lip-syncing and dancing with background dancers. Instead, we set out to create something unique and out-of-the-box.

We conceived the idea of constructing an immersive world of banking through the power of computer-generated imagery (CGI). This visionary approach allowed us to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver a captivating visual experience to the viewers.

Our crew members, along with the post-production team, poured their hearts into bringing the essence of the song to life.

By embracing this innovative approach, we aimed to transform the traditional music video into an immersive journey that takes viewers into a world of banking. This creative leap allowed us to convey important financial literacy messages in an engaging and memorable way, capturing the attention of the audience and making a lasting impact.


Sunday, 16 July 2023