Nepal Life, a leading insurance company in Nepal, sought to amplify its digital presence and enhance its engagement with customers. To achieve this, our team devised a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan with a key focus on content marketing and thought leadership.

Our primary objective was to position Nepal Life as an authoritative figure, a brand people can look up to by delivering valuable and useful content to their target audience. To achieve this, we implemented a multifaceted approach that included the creation of short product videos, showcasing success stories of their agents, crafting informative articles, and designing visually appealing creatives that stood out.

Additionally, we capitalized on major events such as the World Cup and ingeniously associated the nature of football with life lessons. By leveraging these opportunities, we effectively engaged with the audience and delivered content that was relatable, engaging, and reinforced the brand's expertise.

Recognizing the importance of employee branding, we also directed our efforts towards showcasing the vibrant work culture at Nepal Life. By highlighting the positive aspects of working for the company, we aimed to attract top talent and foster a strong sense of pride among existing employees.

Through a strategic content marketing initiative, we were able to achieve a growth of 210% engagement within 3 months.

Nepal Life Insurance
Nepal Life Insurance
Sunday, 16 July 2023